The construction of The Landmark 81 mega project’s Crown base

The construction of The Landmark 81 mega project’s Crown base

On the morning of February 5th, 2018, also The Father of Construction’s Commemoration Day (on 20th of the last month of Lunar Calendar), Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong –The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coteccons Group and representatives of its member companies participating in this project attended at The Landmark 81 construction site on the Crown Base Construction Ceremony. Mr. Ngo Thanh Phong – F.D.C’s General Director attended in this event.​

After a year of rapid construction, The Landmark 81 is now in the finishing of the Crown Base – an important structure contributing to making The Landmark 81 the highest building in Viet Nam, and the 8th in Top 10 highest buildings in the world, 60 days ahead the schedule. After finishing the Crown Base, Coteccons will continue to install the 60,8 meters Spire consisting of 10 segments, expected to be finished in 10 days.

In this project, F.D.C takes the responsibility of constructing the foundation pit, civil work (includes steel reinforcement, formwork, concrete), especially 20-floor elevator core – one of the most difficult items, considered as “the soul” of every building.

The Landmark 81 was designed with the height of 461 meters with 81 floors and 3 basements, the total floor area of 141,200 square meters (except for the basement area) included the shopping center, leisure center, hotel, high-end apartment, particularly the highest 360o observatory in Viet Nam, giving a spectacular panoramic view of the city.

Located at the center of Vinhomes Central Park, The Landmark 81 building is predicted to be Vietnam's development symbol

The design of The Landmark 81 was inspired from the power and enormous growth of traditional bundle of bamboo. It has particular structure, strict technical requirements and complicated construction process, challenging the engineers and workers at the construction site a lot. However, as being unwearying and not afraid of difficulties, everybody has once again asserted the position of F.D.C as a prestigious and qualified Domestic contractor who can keep up with International contractors.

The Landmark 81 not only broke the record of the height but also made breakthroughs in “jet set” life

Wish the project every success, to make The Landmark 81 a symbol and milestone of the prosperity and development of Viet Nam in the future.  

Some pictures at the ceremony:

Mr. Ngo Thanh Phong – General Director, representative of F.D.C at the ceremony

The Representatives of construction companies and the Investor at the ceremony

F.D.C members wished the project great success

A corner of the city in the morning, viewed from The Landmark 81


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