F.D.C’s 2017 review of the Work Force: “Grateful To The Companion”

F.D.C’s 2017 review of the Work Force: “Grateful To The Companion”

On the morning of February 9th, 2018, F.D.C welcomed the key work force – strategic partners of F.D.C during the past many year included 11 sub-contractors and the typical construction team at company’s office. In the friendly atmosphere of the year end meeting, Mr. Ngo Thanh Phong – General Director of F.D.C, on behalf of the whole company expressed the gratitude to the contribution of the work force in 2017. On this occasion, F.D.C also honored and awarded the best sub-contractors and the typical construction team for their high revenue.​

The work forces are F.D.C’s strategic partners who have been collaborated with F.D.C for many years. After a year working together, the year-end is a chance for all workers, staff, partners and F.D.C to gather together and talk about the achievements in the past year.

At the beginning of the Meeting , Mr. Ngo Thanh Phong asserted that “2017 saw a lot of changes and the development of F.D.C. The company, with the revenue of 3,316 billion, has been more and more prosperous as entered the top of The Biggest Contractors in Viet Nam. F.D.C would not have gained that success without the contribution of the strategic partners at the construction sites all over the country. We could only fulfill our commitment to the Investors on the progress, quality and safety with the contribution and solidarity of all the partners, staff and workers.”

The participants shared their managerial experience to others

This meeting was F.D.C’s thank and gratitude to the strategic construction partners after a year of great dedication to F.D.C and accompanying F.D.C to complete the goal. In 2017, the work force have had outstanding performance, timely providing the workers to all projects, especially the difficult one as D’Capitale (Ha Noi), Diamond Island 2 (HCM City), Hoi An Casino (Nam Hoi An) etc. The workers reached the number of 5,000 people.

On this occasion, Mr. Ngo Thanh Phong gave the Revenue Award to 5 best construction partners this year. Mr. Nguyen Quang Thai expressed his feeling “This is the second time I attend F.D.C’s work force end-of-the-year meeting, we are really happy and cozy by the care of the company for the workers and staff at construction sites.”

Work force staff with best performance in 2017

F.D.C asserts that in 2018, there must be a lot of work, the number of projects must increase more in order to reach the goal of 5,000 billion that F.D.C has set. Therefore, the need of work force will increase rapidly as well, requiring the staff to prepare more to be ready to face many “big waves” in the coming year. At that time, F.D.C also emphasizes that the construction partners have to be more proactive, improve their working system and methods to work more quickly and effectively.

“F.D.C will always support you in training the work force and sharing managerial experience. Additionally, F.D.C also makes effort to advance the work force’s interests so that you can keep your mind on work, have a better life and be F.D.C companion for long” said Mr. Ngo Thanh Phong.

The staff always stand side by side

The workforce is the key contributing to building outstanding construction and the successful projects.

Wish the work force a successful year. Wish F.D.C a close-knit family to form a unified unit which can complete many larger projects.

The list of teams with highest revenue:

1)      NGUYEN QUANG THAI Construction Team (Highest Revenue Award 220.000.000 VND)

2)      NGUYEN VAN VIEN Construction Team

3)      THANH NAM CUONG Trade and Business Investment and Development Company Limited

4)      NGUYEN HOANG DUNG Single-member Limited Liability Construction Company

5)      LE NGOC TAN Construction Team

Congratulate the awarded construction teams and sub-contractors.

Some pictures of the Meeting:

The participant chatted before the official meeting

Nothing is impossible as long as everyone stands side by side

The happy smile after a long year with the best effort


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