F.D.C Office is brilliant with “Beauty” on Woman’s Day

F.D.C Office is brilliant with “Beauty” on Woman’s Day

Every year, on early March, women of F.D.C are excited and bustling with a lot of meaningful activities organized by F.D.C Union and Divisions/Departments/Construction Sites to celebrate Women’s Day – The day for them.

Behind any of F.D.C’s success is our talented, strong, beautiful and enthusiastic women. Mr. Ngo Thanh Phong – F.D.C’s General Director shared in the pleasant atmosphere of the celebration, that the youth and dynamics of F.D.C Women was essential for F.D.C. On behalf of F.D.C Men, he wished all the women happiness, youth, beauty and optimism on Women’s Day.

With the topic “FALL FOR YOUR SMILE”, F.D.C Men would like to send our women the sincere gratitude for their “silent” contribution and for being companions and reliable allies of F.D.C Men on the constructions sites. The construction sites seemed to be more “poetic” with the present of our women.

This year, Women’s Day at F.D.C was in the hustle and bustle of the Celebration. Right in the beginning of the month, F.D.C’s Union collaborated with Communication Division to organize a contest named F.D.C Women #So_beautiful with the full participation of F.D.C women. The result of this Minigame was released this morning. There were 06 special awards. Ms. Phan Thi Trang – Tender Department shared that she had been surprised when stepping into the office by its pretty decoration this morning, which had been prepared by our men. On behalf of other women in company, Ms. Trang would like to express her appreciation to our men’s love for women.

On this occasion, F.D.C Union gave female staff new uniforms which glorified their beauty and youthfulness. For our women in central and northern areas, in spite of being far away from the company headquarter, they received a lot of love and gifts made by our men together with wishes from them.

The list of winners in Minigame F.D.C Women #So_beautiful

1. Phan Thi Trang – Auction Department

2. Luu Thuy Anh Duc – Cost & Contract Management

3. Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong – Admin – HR Department

4. Nguyen Thi Quynh Chau – Finance – Accounting Department

5. Nguyen The Le Hang – DI2 Construction Site

6. Nguyen Thai Bang Tam – City Garden Construction Site

Minigame warming up the celebration of Women’s Day F.D.C Women #So_beautiful drew an enthusiastic response from F.D.C Women from the office to the construction sites

The smile of F.D.C women which was gentle and sweet made the construction sites more “poetic” and pleasant. That is F.D.C Women’s Brand Name Smile

Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuy – Vice General Director, on behalf of F.D.C Men, read Luu Quang Vu’s poem “ Và anh tồn tại” for the women as a gift

Despite couldn’t come back to the office, female staff at the construction sites still received special gifts prepared by male staff

F.D.C Women in new uniform given by our men, which glorified their youthful beauty

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